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Diet for the brain

It is difficult to eat healthy and to control your portions. Think it this way, just because fish is good for your health it doesn’t mean you need to eat three or four at dinner. A recent study that was published in the Archives of Neurology is telling us that mediterranean food can be the best diet for the brain and can reduce small-vessel damage to the brain, according to researchers. The study was designed to identify risk factors for stroke and coronary disease, and the participants had MRI scans to analyze the white matter hyperintensity volume, a signal for small vessel disease.

Researchers from Universitity of Miami and Columbia University found that people who followed a Mediterranean diet had fewer brain lesions than those who were following other diets, based on fats. Small vessel disease can cause signs of heart disease, chest pain and artery blockage. One of the first things you should now about Mediterranen diet it’s that it is not only a diet but a lifestyle, a healthy one. You’ll think maybe that being considered one of the healthiest cuisines in the world, the dishes would have no flavor or taste. This is a completly wrong thing, because apart from being good for your organism and definitely one of the best ways of losing weight fast, this diet includes delicious, flavor-filled dishes.

The Mediterranean diet it is based on vegetables, legumes and fruits, whole grains, beans, nuts, olives and olive oil, cheese, yogurt, fish, poultry, eggs, little red meat and a glass  of wine from time to time. This kind of food provides vitamins, minerals and fiber that protect us against diseases. The Mediterranean diet also emphasizes using spices or herbs instead of salt to flavor meals, or replacing butter and sunflower oil with olive oil and canola oil. Preparation methods are not complicated, the food it is not processed and rarely deep fried and always in olive oil. As I wanted to strengthen what I said above, that Mediterranen diet is not only about food, this diet also includes enjoying meals with your friends and family, going out for picnics and enjoying nature. Another important thing in any diet it is of course exercising, so keep up the good work and the results will be visible in short time.

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