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Diet and Health



Diet for the brain

It is difficult to eat healthy and to control your portions. Think it this way, just because fish is good for your health it doesn’t mean you need to eat three or four at dinner. A recent study that was published in the Archives of Neurology is telling us that mediterranean food can be the best diet for the brain and can reduce small-vessel damage to the brain, according to researchers. The study was designed to identify risk factors for stroke and coronary disease, and the participants had MRI scans to analyze the white matter hyperintensity volume, a signal for small vessel disease.

Researchers from Universitity of Miami and Columbia University found that people who followed a Mediterranean diet had fewer brain lesions than those who were following other diets, based on fats. Small vessel disease can cause signs of heart disease, chest pain and artery blockage. One of the first things you should now about Mediterranen diet it’s that it is not only a diet but a lifestyle, a healthy one. You’ll think maybe that being considered one of the healthiest cuisines in the world, the dishes would have no flavor or taste. This is a completly wrong thing, because apart from being good for your organism and definitely one of the best ways of losing weight fast, this diet includes delicious, flavor-filled dishes.

The Mediterranean diet it is based on vegetables, legumes and fruits, whole grains, beans, nuts, olives and olive oil, cheese, yogurt, fish, poultry, eggs, little red meat and a glass  of wine from time to time. This kind of food provides vitamins, minerals and fiber that protect us against diseases. The Mediterranean diet also emphasizes using spices or herbs instead of salt to flavor meals, or replacing butter and sunflower oil with olive oil and canola oil. Preparation methods are not complicated, the food it is not processed and rarely deep fried and always in olive oil. As I wanted to strengthen what I said above, that Mediterranen diet is not only about food, this diet also includes enjoying meals with your friends and family, going out for picnics and enjoying nature. Another important thing in any diet it is of course exercising, so keep up the good work and the results will be visible in short time.



Banana nutrition facts

Bananas are among other fruits, many people’s favorites. Wheather you choose bananas for an easy snack or you like to mix them with other fruits to prepare a delicious smoothie, they are totally great for your nutrition. Let’s check out what bananas do for our organism. Rich in potassium, bananas are a great ally for our cardiovascular system. Lack of potassium could cause high blood pressure and increased risk of stroke. Considering that we get no potassium from our regulary food, which is’t very good always, we shoud consider to include a banana in our daily meals. Maintain the health of bones. Doctors agreed that due to the high potassium content of bananas, these fruits have benefits to the kidneys and the bones. Bananas offer to our organism an important quantity of a certain substance that ease calcium absorbtion. Bananas could really help you for a better digestion, decreasing acidity and protecting agains ulcer. Due to the pectin, a type of soluble fiber, bananas help the entire digestive process and prevents constipation. Bananas are also good for your blood, with their great content of vitamin B6, which plays an important role, helping the body to make hemoglobin. You have above the most important benefits of bananas, but take care and do not abuse of anything. Everything that we eat should be in moderation.



Apple benefits

An apple a day is excellent for cardiovascular health because it has a beneficial effect on cholesterol levels. A study by researchers at the University of Florida, who presented their study results at a congress of Biology, shows that an apple a day helps to lower “bad” cholesterol and slightly increase “good” cholesterol. According to the experiments on animals, these benefits woud be due to properties of apple pectin and polyphenols, which act favorably on lipid metabolism.

The research took place at the University of Florida and it was conducted on a group of 160 women aged between 45 and 65 years. Half of the women ate daily for an year 75 grams (2,65 ounces) of dried apples and the other half 75 grams (2,65 ounces) of prunes. They were taken blood every three and six months and of course at the end of the year. The results showed great changes in women who ate apples, says Dr. Arjamandi, who led the study. For these women the results showed that “bad” cholesterol has decreased by 23% and “good” cholesterol has increased by 4%. They also showed a significant decrease in the production of certain inflammatory molecules. More than that, the additional calories did not lead to an increase in weight, but on the contrary women lost about 3 kg (6.6 pounds) per year.

An apple a day may strengthen the immune system and reduce inflammation due to the weight and diabetes, according to researchers at the University of lllinois. This property is due to soluble fiber contained by the fruit. Fiber helps reducing blood cholesterol and prevent heart disease. According to researchers, comsumption of 28 – 35 grams of soluble fiber per day is beneficial to health and have anti-inflammatory effects. It is said that it may also prevent colon cancer. The apples in the market significantely slow down the progressive development of senile dementia for Alzheimer’s disease, U.S scientist say, according to Journal of Neurochemistry. The sweet-sour peel of the fruit contains special substances that stimulate the transmission of impulses from one nerve cell to anothers, this kind of process being the one which is disrupoted in Alzheimer disease. Apples are not only tasty, but as we can see, they have a lot of benefits for our organism, so try to include apples in your daily diet for a healthy life.



Benefits of Fruits and Vegetables

As we all know, there are a many health benefits of a diet based on, or rich in fruits and vegetable, like: reduced risk of heart disease and stroke, lower blood pressure, lower risk of eye problems and so on. Not everyone is a big fan of fruit and vegetables but knowing the benefits they offer for our organism, we should try our best  to include them in our daily diet. Of course, it is preferred to buy fresh fruits and vegetables in season, because they are more tasty, but you can also stock up frozen vegetales, because they can be easily and quickly prepared in the microwave.

You can buy vegetables easy to prepare: make a salad in just few minutes, by adding lettuce, carrots and cherry tomatoes. Choose carrots or celery sticks for quick snacks and use a microwave to quickly cook vegetables like potatoes. You should also try raw or lightly steamed vegetables. To keep diversity and keep meals interesting, try to vary vegetables bu choosing different kinds and colours of fruit and vegetables. For the best nutritional value you should choose vegetables that contain more potassium, like white potatoes, white beans, lima beans, peas, tomato products, like tomato sauce. Condiments and sauces can add sodium, calories or fat to vegetables.

Use fresh ingredients for cooking to reduce sodium intake. You should also try to buy canned vegetables labeled “no salt”. For healty meals, it is recommended to serve as a main dish, cooked vegetables, like a soup. This should be half of your plate and for the other half you can add other foods. For lunch you can have a salad made of all king of vegetables and light meat. An ideal dinner should include a green salad every day and for every other meal you should try to include chopped vegetables, wich will definitely make the food even more tasty. To get used with fruits and vegetables keep them in the place where you can always see them and try to include them even for quick snacks, replacing sweets as much as possible. You can also try a cooking book with salad recipes, where vegetables take center stage.