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Fast weight loss diet

The slim fast diet is recommended to you by people who want to lose weight quickly in a short period of time and with visible results from the early days. If you recpect the diet you can lose 7 pounds (3 kilogrames) in 7 days.

Red grapefruit juice + lemon juice – one glass (150 grams) or
An oat biscuit and coffee (unsweetened) – one cup (100 grams)

A boiled egg + a little natural yoghurt
Salmon baked or roasted chicken + a tomato
Red grapefruit juice – one glass (200 grams)

A slice of bread + a slice of cheese toast
Lettuce and tomato salad with lemon (preferably mild)
Red grapefruit juice + lemon juice – one glass (250 grams)

If during the diet you feel hunger, you can consume a large glass of red grapefruit juice or one whole grapefruit. Before dinner are recommended 30 minutes of physical exercise. During this diet do not eat sweets or drink alcohol.



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